Pronestor conference room scheduler

Managing meeting and conference facilities is not always an easy job. As facilities manager, receptionist or secretary with responsibility of managing meeting rooms, catering related to meetings and conferences, resources (e.g. work stations, projectors, interactive displays, white boards etc.) and all the other items that require logistics and planning, you will find yourself in need of a powerful and intuitive tool to help you keep track of all the rooms, resources, and catering arrangements, which surrounds a company with many meetings. This could be an oficina, a large scale company with many different departments, a hotel with meeting and conference facilities or maybe a shared office space where different companies share facilities such as meeting rooms, catering, and resources. No matter what your work situation or position, you will draw benefits from a conference room scheduler, which allows you to monitor and book conference and meeting rooms and facilities in a user friendly and manageable way.


Pronestor is a Danish company with many years of experience within the field of delivering and implementing meeting management software. No matter the size and type of your business, Pronestor has the routine and experience to assess the needs of your particular company based on dialogue and specifications of work processes within your company. With Pronestor, you are guaranteed a business partner who will not just sell you an out of the box solution, but really make an effort to adjust the premium meeting management software to fit your needs and desires. Maybe you need the software to integrate with Microsoft Outlook and the Outlook Calendar, in order to integrate room and resource booking with meeting invitations? Or you may have the need for a special video conference booking system, because you only have a limited number of rooms with video conference facilities?


Besides the advanced and very user friendly conference room scheduler, Pronestor can also offer a visitor registration solution for the company with many external visitors. Upon registration, the visitor will be greeted (e.g. via SMS) and at the same time granted access to free Wi-Fi and the relevant meeting rooms. Besides saving time and effort for the receptionists and other staff, your guests will feel welcome and catered to.


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